Friday, January 04, 2008

So Frugalicious has compiled the Secret Santa List of fashionable jewelry under $5.

Diva In A Carry On has found the ultimate rolling carry on that meets the needs of every traveling fashionista.

Style Talk unleashes the inner style freak and marvels at the chic wooden clutches by Pucci.

Designer Tips shares the names of the participants of the New Gen shows at the London Fashion Week.

Throw a party with Designer Sense parading a cool metallic Kate Spade bag.

Stand out of from office crowd with Miu Miu Metallic A-Line Skirt, suggests Lifestyle Buzz .

Elite Choice is smitten with the luxurious Bottega Venetta Lizard Clutch.

Spice up your New Year Party outfit with the wild and glossy Jonathan Kesley Metallic Shoe Bootie discovered by Designer Planet.

Looking for a job in the fashion industry? Pink Rock Candy shows you how to dress for the interview.

Choose between the Classics, the Bombshells and the Ladies to figure out your handbag style with the help of Señora Cartera.

What's Haute admires the tiny but practical Prada Dressy Gauffre Mini Saddle Bag.

Enjoy the sweetest Christmas themed eye candy from Flickr at Fashionably Cute.

Find out how you can plant a tree by buying a Green & Gorgeous eco-friendly bag, courtesy of Fashion Fling.

The Beauty Counter spotlights the refreshing Island Michael Kors Capri collection. Perfect for a cruise around Italy!

Glam & Tonic becomes a fan of Nicole Kidman after seeing her stunning outfits in the Golden Compass.

Spork Fashion talks to Twisted Silver jewelry designer Debra Mitchell about her inspiration, favorite pieces and plans for the future.

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Anonymous said...

that is an adorable camera.
i dont really like orange but you make it look really cute.

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