Friday, January 25, 2008

Interested in combating the signs of aging? The Beauty Counter found a great weapon to aid in the fight.

Fashionably Cute dug around and found out even stilettos at the beach can be fashionable.

Your significant other will appreciate Diva In A Carry On's suggestion for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Pink Rock Candy
rocks our world with stylish, unique and rocker-chic tees from Furlesque.

Designer Planet is bowled over by the metallic brilliance of this stunning scarf.

Spring brings a bright spot in Fendi’s horizon all thanks to a handbag favorite. Read the details at Señora Cartera.

Fashion Fling spotlights a fashion sale that’s too hard to pass up.

Fall in love with Elite Choice's latest extravagant discovery.

Style Talk shows us how modern fashion takes a page from the past to brings us a new twist on clothing.

Browse splendid spring fashions at affordable prices courtesy of So Frugalicious.

Spork Fashion
brings us the secrets to indie fashion favorite Smashing Darlings’ success.

Discover a stylish take on tempting accessories via Designer Tips.

Lifestyle Buzz showcases a spot-on trendy bag with classic appeal and an enticing price tag.

Is Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Shearling Bag haute or not? What's Haute wants to know what you think.

What could be better than a classic pair of ballet flats? Well, nothing at all if you ask Designer Sense.

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