Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lazy days!

Lack of updates lately. I've been really busy with school (that means practicing the art of sleeping with my eyes open while sitting up). Anyway, I have many ideas for new posts, so expect to see some soon :) But it looks like I'm having trouble with image hosting... my photobucket bandwidth is exceeded and I don't know if the reason is too many uploaded pictures, or traffic on my blog. I've also uploaded too many pictures on flickr. lol. So, I'll have to figure out what to do about this, I guess. ImageShack sucks and I refuse to use it. Any ideas?? Maybe I should just get my own domain, finally.


Anonymous said...

If you can swing it, the 25 USD for a paid account on Flickr is really worth it. I never run out of space!~


Suzanna Mars said...

Now here is where I'm going to sound really stupid, but I never use those hosts. I just save pics on my hard drive and post them directly from there to my blog. When I post the pics I delete them from my folder.

What am I missing here?

The Clothes Horse said...

I ran out of pictures too. I signed up for a free trial with another company and they bought my Flickr subscription for a year, then I canceled the other trial and I still have my account for a year!

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