Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fill my glass up with Guinness. Daphne Guinness.

I've never been a Guinness fan. It's something about the taste that makes it so different from other types of beer. When I think of Guinness I get this picture of an old drunken man, who's sitting alone in a dark corner of a shabby pub and probably hasn't showered in three days. Maybe people drink it when their taste buds are so destroyed from ten years of chain smoking and drinking that the only beer that actually tastes anything is Guinness. Urgh, it's just horrible! Maybe I'll learn to like Guinness someday but for now I'm sticking to Budweiser, Tuborg and Newcastle Brown Ale. But even tough I think Guinness tastes horrible, I doubt any other beer brand has such a lovely heiress. I've become a secret admirer of Daphne Guinness and her style. She's a wonderful fashion stylist, film producer and, yes, a member of the Guinness brewing family. Known for her elegant and original dress sense and love for couture...

"The thing about haute couture, unlike prêt-à-porter clothing, is that you actually have to engage with the process and repeatedly go for fittings. Couture clothes last so much longer because so much work goes into them. [...] I still buy couture, but very little and very carefully, because it’s so expensive. The last piece was a small coat-dress from Chanel, which I’ve worn about 50 times already."

I really enjoyed reading this article about her at timesonline and find everything she has to say about fashion inspiring and refreshing. With LiLo, MK, Paris and occasionally the drunk "it's Britney Bitch" stealing all the spotlight, Daphne is like a long lost treasure. She's the perfect example of what Glam & Tonic is really about. The reason why I created this blog is my admiration to strong, intelligent, glamorous women and their fashion sense. Daphne Guinness being one of them.

"One of the problems with modern fashion is that people change all the time. There are very few people who keep their look through thick and thin – the Duchess of Windsor did. Years ago women had to make things last and clothes weren’t disposable – they couldn’t just go out and buy another thing."

"I grew up in an artists’ colony near Barcelona with Salvador DalÍ and the Surrealists, so my dress sense is very coloured by my youth. Everybody knew that DalÍ was the most crazy; you’d go to his house and he would have lobsters in his pool. Anything went, clothes-wise. You could wear whatever you wanted any time of day, so people would wear evening clothes at breakfast time, simple Catalan shoes and hats, lots of brightly coloured hippy kaftans, and a lot of French, tailored outfits."

"My weird obsession with armour might have come from the Surrealists. I have been making a metal arm as part of a four-year project. It’s jewellery but more a work of art. It’s made out of silver chain mail with a piece over the hand. I’ve been trying to make a pair of robot legs-style leggings for years, so when I saw the gold metal-look trousers by Balen-ciaga I thought they were so extraordinary that I really wanted them. Usually, however, I hate the concept of “must-haves”. Once something is a must-have, I want to put it in the bin. I know that sounds grand and horrid, but I don’t want anyone to tell me I need to have anything. I’m not very good at “It” bags, either. I’ve had the same bag for about five years and I can’t be bothered to get another one. So many bags are really heavy – especially those Chloé Paddington things."

So, to sum up what I've learned from Daphne:
  • Instead of buying new stuff all the time and chasing all the latest trends, spend money on classic, versatile clothes with a great cut. It's better to have one pair of fantastic pants instead of ten you never wear.

  • Why shouldn't you be able to wear whatever you want any time of day? I think people focus too much on what they are supposed to wear and what's "appropriate". Just because you're going shopping doesn't mean you can't wear the gorgeous new dress you just bought. Put it on and dress it down with a casual cardigan etc.

  • Maybe it would be fun to attempt creating your own jewelry? Or D.I.Y something to put your own personal stamp on it... maybe not armour, but something else?

  • If I ever get ridiculous amounts of money, invest in some couture.

And now you probably know what's next... as you all probably know by now I have a polyvore addiction and couldn't resist putting together some Daphne Guinness looks. Even though my personal style is completely different from hers, I would wear all these outfits.

Dress: DKNY Boots: Zappos Jacket: Thomas Wylde Purse: Vivre Armour bracelet: Vivre Rings: Hematite Pavé Ring, London Gold

Jacket: H&M Pants: Austin Reed Leather top: Topshop Shoes: Dior Purse: Chanel

Skirt: Oli Top: Dorothy Perkins Shoes: Instyle Ring: Ross Simons Necklace: Mint and Vintage Purse: Asos Underwear: Lindex

Sequin pants: Topshop Jacket: Topshop Corset: Oli Purse: Bag Borrow or Steal Wallet: Adasa Shoes: Wet Seal Accessories: Monsoon, Tarina Tarantino

Metallic coat: Wet Seal Top: Republic Skirt: Wallis Fashion Tophat: Village Hat Shop Lashes: Buy Costumes Shoes: Roberto Cavalli Ring: Max and Chloe Bracelet: Vivre

Also, when I searched her name the other day I found this wonderful scan from ELLE magazine on Daphne's amazing style. Love it.


Mash said...

I didn't know Daphné Guiness but for sure she's a lady , a vamp , a beautiful woman with a lot of style &hearts love the DKNY dress and the Chanel Purse :)

Trendini said...

i am loving the gold skirt black turtleneck combo!!

Lucio said...

she is a really haute couture's big buyer and a stylist woman,I really lovve her.

Elaine said...

I love that gold skirt and the matching gold and patent black shoes. I really need to buy more gold stuff. I used to really prefer silver, but I feel gold actually suits me better and just looks more expensive, so I have definately converted.

Suzanna Mars said...

Love all of your polyvored outfits--there are some great individual pieces in there as well.

Daphne isn't big over here in the US as she is in Europe--I think we choose to fill our pages with cheap celebs instead of style icons.

Miss Elle said...

What a wonderful post! I have officially fallen in love with her, just from what you posted!!

And your combinations and outfits are divine!


ApolloniaFashion said...

great blog!like it!

Miss Woo said...

I love this post, Daphne Guiness is definitely my style icon!

Candid Cool said...

I like the quote you have of hers up top. There is a certain joy in dressing well and yes it is a form of expression/art for some. I also admire how she has a “weird obsession” her’s in particular being armour.

I love the idea of evening clothes for breakfast. God knows I’ve donned a full length dress (I was on my way home from work) to pick up a gallon of milk from the grocery store.

I really like your polyvore ensembles. The wylde leather jacket, h&m tux, chanel evening bag, leather bustier, asos clutch, lindex lingerie, and umbrella are excellent picks.

Anonymous said...

i noticed she has a period looking about her style. she buys lace, ostrich feathers, and military pieces. it's interesting. some dresses are pretty some are not on her but then she does have that disposable income to buy haute couture unlike the rest of us.

Sally said...

I just became aware of Daphne-love her attitude! Growing up around people like Salvador Dali would be so expanding.

I was reminded of an article I read about an Italian woman who was very original, and said she would go to a craftperson to have a belt buckle made from her own idea, or she would find a gorgeous piece of fabric and have a dressmaker make something for her. That would be cheaper than couture, and totally one of a kind.

Women are so artistic- just think if every woman had her own style and didn't copy anybody! That's what Daphne inspires. I don't think you have to be an heiress, just really, really into it.

Sally said...

I just posted yesterday, but had another flash. Daphne Guinness's style reminded me of somebody but I couldn't remember till now- Vivienne Westwood! The structured jackets, pinned up hair, sort of punk Brit eccentric. I guess even she has to have an inspiration.

Also, I have looked at more of your blog and the clothes you show are wonderful! You have a great eye.

Camilla said...

Hi Sally!
Really enjoyed reading your comments on this post, it's so nice to hear what other people who are interested in fashion thinks about the stuff I write about.

I agree! Vivienne Westwood! Never thought of that actually, but now that you mention it...

Also, I'm working on my new blog, so if you want to continue reading Glam & Tonic you should check out glamandtonic.com. It will be up March 1st!


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