Friday, March 21, 2008

I love my new top

My new white top and necklace from Gina Tricot. Levis jeans.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I want a Marchesa dress

I wanted to make a post about my fall 08 favourites today but when I looked trough the Marchesa slideshow at I knew the gorgeous dresses deserved a whole post all to themselves <3 What's not to love about them? I'm speechless... so I'll just sit here, stare and enjoy. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

pictures: coloured bleu, the sartorialist, stockholm street style, the face hunter,, the inspiration gallery

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm all settled in! It's so exciting to finally live on my own. The only problem is that my room here is about half the size I'm used to at home, so it's hard to decide what stuff to bring to the new place and what to leave in my old room. I still have some pictures, another mirror and shelves left... and an empty wall. I'm not sure what to put there yet... maybe I should just leave it empty, or put up the black and white editorials I had in my old room (see pictures) So, what do you guys think? The cellphone pictures are horrible, but I still haven't bought a new camera.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Missed me yet?

I haven't updated in a few days because I've been busy moving to my new place. I'm really happy with my new place... the only problem is finding room for all my clothes and purses. But oh well :P
Anyway, I'll update soon. Just need some time to sort things out.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Emma Watson

A few days ago Fashion's Not A Hobby It's A Lifestyle posted some pictures of Emma Watson from the Burberry & Vanity Fair Portraits VIP event. I'm impressed! Looks like sweet little Hermoine has turned into a stylish lady. To be honest I've never been a big fan of her, but she does look great in these pictures...

Edit: got a wonderful comment today -had to share!
Ashe Mischief said... I love seeing someone so young who is willing to be so bold, daring, and innovative in her fashion-- all while still looking respectable. It's always a great concern of mine with two nieces, and Emma Watson is a great icon and role model for younger women (and older) in fashion.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oslo Fashion Week: Vips

When the Undorn show ended we had some time to kill before the Vips show started , so we went to a cafe to get something to drink and eat. When we went back to Posthallen it was the same procedure as last time -only this time we had to wait outside in the cold a little longer.

Finally, we got inside. I noticed this was completely different from the Undorn show. There were waitresses running around making sure everyone had something to drink. As soon as I finished my first drink, I was offered another one. Now, that's how I like it! There was also a table with mineral water for the extra thirsty ;) A lady handed me a box of little i mints with a mirror inside -might come in handy! It's so unattractive when people have food between their teeth. Having clean teeth is important... fresh peppermint breath doesn't hurt either.

There was also more people at the Vips show. When we walked in there were people everywhere. Talking. Enjoying their drinks. I couldn't help noticing some of the things people were wearing. A bald man walked pass me wearing a vest that looked like roadkill patched together. Or maybe it was an old fur coat he bought from the salvation army and then just decided to cut the sleeves off? Did it look good? No. But I applaud him for making an effort though. He looked a lot more interesting than some of the other people there. And I think he sat down at the front row... wonder who he iiiiiss..... hmmm.

Anyway, we sat down at the second row close to the photographers. I thought the view would be quite good from our seats -but no, not really.

Then the show started! "The return of the crazy housewife and the funky handyman." First there was a short retro film interviewing Swedish housewives -what's the hardest work at home? At the end there was a joke about a machine that would do all the housework for them. One of the photographers started laughing out really really loud and everyone turned around giving him strange looks. Okay it was funny, but not that funny...

When the film ended a loud vacuuming sound filled the room. A model appeared somewhere from the audience and started vacuuming the catwalk in high heels and a really cool outfit. It was a great way to start the show. After this performance the music started playing and models came down the catwalk. They looked fierce and the choreography was really fun.

The purses! Where do I start?! They all looked amazing. Just look at the pictures. All the details, colours, shapes... exquisite. The thing that really caught my attention was the brown leather belt with a flower shaped detail in a darker shade of brown. I'll have to save some money so I can buy it this fall. A cheap copy simply won't do. And who could avoid noticing the huge leather bag? It came in two different (but equally beautiful) colours. Choosing only one would be really hard. The "quilt" purse was amazing as well. It reminds me of a purse I found at my grandmothers place -only ten times better.

Vips also launched their first collection for men. You have to admit the funky handyman looks pretty hot ;) Practical and stylish bags... now you know what to get your boyfriend/dad/brother for Christmas this year.

I wish I could rewind and experience this show again. That's how great it was.

Quick question:
What do you guys think of the collection?
Should I write more about Vips and other Norwegian designers in future posts?
Leave a comment!

Pictures: Det Tredje Øyet

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oslo Fashion Week: Undorn

It's impossible to get anywhere on time in Olso if you don't know your way around so we decided to take a cab to Posthallen. When we arrived there were already some people lined up and we had to wait outside for a while. Then they checked out names on the guest list before we were allowed inside. I can see why they chose Posthallen for Oslo Fashion Week -it's a really nice place. The only seats left where in the back but the view was great. While we waited for the show to start we saw a couple of people who stole giftbags from the reserved seats. Can you believe it?! hilarious. At the row in front of us two guys actually sat down, took the gift bags and then left before the show started... wtf?! How rude. Naturally this became the main topic of conversation while we waited. The show was a little delayed so we had time to snap a couple of pictures too.

Finally everyone settled down, the music started playing and gorgeous models appeared on the catwalk. The hairstyles and make-up looked really cool and the clothes were fantastic. The short dresses with cropped jackets were my personal favorites. I doubt I could ever afford anything from Undorn but I'll definitely try wearing something like it this fall. I also loved the little black dress worn with a thin dark green leather belt and purse. I never imagined black and dark green could look so great together. The gowns looked great as well with bare backs and tied behind the neck. It was hard not to notice the bright red satin shoes -they looked great! I'm quite disappointed I couldn't find a decent picture of them online... why didn't the photographers from Henne Magazine take close-up pictures? Argh, annoying.

pictures: GLAM & TONIC, Det Tredje Øyet

Friday, February 22, 2008

Yesterday I read at that one of my favourite designers, Kristian Aadnevik is going to rock Milan with his collection. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Kristian Aadnevik. Sigh, perfect. I can't wait to read the review and see pictures from his show. According to the article he has used materials like chiffon, silk, fur, wool and leather. When it comes to colours we're speaking a lot of fuchsia, black, silver, gold and metallics. Style keywords: sexy, Gothic, rock. Excited yet?!
While we wait here are some pictures from his spirng/summer 08 collection -enjoy.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oslo Fashion Week!

I was invited to Oslo Fashion Week by Vips and Undorn, so last weekend me and two of my best friends decided to go to Oslo. The trip went really well and we had so much fun. After driving (well, my friends did. I don't have my license :P) all the way to Oslo we arrived late on Friday. After parking the car we decided to stay in the apartment and order some pizza.

On Saturday we got up early to get some shopping done before going to see the shows. It's impossible to drive around Oslo so we went to catch a bus... but the bus never came. We didn't have any time to loose and called a taxi instead. When we finally got down town we went to eat breakfast at 'Godt Brød' (translated: good bread) - a really nice place where you can get delicious sandwiches. It felt so good to eat a healthy meal after all the pizza, chips and candy from yesterday.

After finishing our sandwiches and herb tea we went to Zara. I love Zara and it's so sad they don't have a store in Kristiansand. They have so many nice clothes and purses, don't you agree?
Anyway, I bought a gorgeous silk top. Afterwards we went to some other stores and Gina Tricot, where I spent about $100 on tops, bracelets etc. I'll post some pictures of the stuff I bought when I get a new camera.

Time went by and we headed back to the apartment to get ready. I straightened my hair (no not really. My friend had to do it for me...) for the occasion. The Undorn show started at six and then later we went to see the Vips show. I'll write more about the shows later! Unfortunately you had to be over 20 to attend the official OFW party at Grand Hotel later that night, so we went to eat at t.g.i friday's instead. The food was greeeeaaaat!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Anyone else loving Tanya Dziahileva in the February issue of Vogue Russia?! She looks sensational!!! I can't believe she's only 17! The cover really grabbed my attention and I've spent all morning looking trough pictures of her at and the 'Tanya Dziahileva' tread at the fashion spot. This otherworldly beauty has quickly become one of my favourite models. She looks so glamorous in this editorial and I adore the bright coloured clothes. Photographed by Miguel Reveriego, by the way.


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