Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New York, New York...

I guess I'm not the only one who has a distant dream of living in New York City one day, right? The strange thing is I've actually never been in NY (or well, once. But that doesn't count considering the fact that I was a child and don't remember much). Why not Paris? Milan? Warsaw? Copenhagen? Stockholm? Berlin? Reykjavik?... places I've actually been to. I'm not saying these cities doesn't have their charm, but there's just something about New York. I guess those of you who actually live there are a bit tired of hearing about this, no? But maybe the fact that I've never experienced New York is the reason why I wish I lived there. I have this illusion of a fashionable city where you have access to about anything. Impulses from all sorts of different cultures. Sushi for breakfast, cute minidresses, fantastic heels. Fancy nightclubs and fantastic skylines. Interesting people. Fashionable events. Cool art galleries. Sigh. Speaking of New York, in the January issue of VOGUE UK they had an editorial with Lily Cole in urban New York settings. It's photographed by Arthur Elgort and is naturally called "New York Doll". Lily Cole's isn't exactly my favourite model, but her porcelain doll like appearance was fantastic for this shoot.

pictures: mixologies


Noel said...

Fabulous photos!
Although New York is really expensive and the idea of sushi for breakfast on a regular basis is unlikely...I think you're more likely to buy a yummy chicken gyro from the street vender instead :-D.
I'm in love with the city myself -- I live in California but I'm interning with a fashion magazine in NYC this summer so I'm so excited to be living by myself in the big city for the first time in my life :-D.

Ella said...

Well, as a New Yorker myself, I do get why some may be fascinated with this city. I'm always reminded of how much of a mistake I'm making by wanting to move [to Paris next year], but the same way you've been to all these other wonderful places, and want to discover what you haven't conquered yet, I feel the same about Paris, and I'm bored with NY [how is that possible!?]
New York, on its good days, is freaking amazing, but like any other place, it's not always a day in a Soho boutique

Meghann said...

I grew up in Manhattan - come stay with me and we will do some amazing shopping.

Cool Urbanite. said...

Those photos are really beautiful, love the first and last one.

Camilla said...

Noel: Wow, intern for a fashion mag, NYC... sounds like you're living the dream ;)

Ella: Thanks for the comment, interesting what a real New Yorker has to say about the city :) Paris is wonderful too, though! So I'm sure you'll have a great time there... after all, you get to go back to NY again later. Lucky!

Meghann: Great! Two fashion addicted bloggers on the loose in NYC... sounds dangerous ;)

Hanna said...

Similarly to Camilla I have only been to New York once when I was a kid. It is true - living there seems like a dream to me (think Devil Wears Prada had some influence))) New York seems maddening though, there are sooo many people who want to achieve something that it becomes crazy, just like Moscow: huge city, huge ambitions, huge money... I'm the kind of person that would kind of enjoy that lifestyle however I think Milan and Paris is what I would opt for if I had choose between Europe and New York. In Europe everything is close together, so many cultures are nearby. Imagine living in Paris, for example: take the train and you are in London, get the car and you are in Belgium or even Scandinavia, Italy is close by... All the fashion centres are just around the corner!)

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