Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January has to be the most depressing time of year. When I get up in the morning it's dark. When I get home it's dark. So for fun I decided to wear a bit of colour today. I really love this scarf, but hardly ever wear it. Bought it last summer at Rasmus.

Looking forward to:

-Gossip girl
-Ugly Betty
-Eating a bag of sørlands chips.
-Going out this Saturday. Havanna, baby!
-Getting my paycheck tomorrow.
-Moving to my own place soon :D

Not looking forward to:

-Test on Friday.
-Work on Friday and Saturday.
-Finishing my essay on Norwegian books (10+ pages).
-Having to cut down on some of my expensive habits when moving to my own place... e.g. shopping/partying :( replacement? electricity bills and paying for my own food.


ambika said...

Wow, love the layout. And love the scarf. You look lovely.

Mash said...

I would kill for have my own place and watch Gossip Girl !!!!

Camilla said...

Ambika: Thank you, sweetie :)

Mash: haha, YES! Gossip girl, on my own television, in my own sofa, at my own place!!! ......or well... rented that is :P hahahaha

Vanja said...

Ugly Betty! <3 I loved it today

Cool Urbanite. said...

Cool, moving to your own place. Not so cool, the replacing bits (bills and all that stupid shit!). Does Gossip Girl being broadcasted to you already? Here in Holland, it takes a long, long while..:(!
But luckily I can enjoy Ugly Betty too!

Camilla said...

Cool Urbanite: Yes, saw the two first episodes on Jan 2nd and the third today :) If you ask me, Jan 2nd is late enough... I hear the second season is ready soon(right?? correct me if I'm wrong)

Suzanna Mars said...

You are absolutely gorgeous. I'd also like to say that I think you do a terrific job with this blog--it's impressive and a joy to visit.

Heather said...

That is a great scarf! And good luck with the schoolwork, I'm trying to save up for my own place as well.

Hanna said...

i'm jealous) i miss ugly betty so much cos i still havent connected to the us tv, they dont show it on ukrainian channels(( liking the scarf!

Caro said...

The scarf is fantastic. I've just bought one myself.. with a lot of flowers and colors :D you have to stay strong in colors this depressing time of the year! :D can't wait to get my scarf (internetshopping, you know :) )

congrat with your new place !!!!


BurnTheFat said...

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