Monday, November 19, 2007

What I should be spending money on...

I miss the days when I could just spend the money I earned on anything I wanted. When I got my paycheck I used to buy some new clothes, maybe a bit of make-up as well and if I had any money left I would buy some more. But lately I have hardly bought any new clothes at all. When I went to London and Manchester the trip cost me quite a lot so I didn't have much money to buy anything while I was there. Then I had to pay my share of the van I bought with some of my friends, which was quite a lot. Like that wasn't enough my school sent me like five bills I had to pay (for books, id card etc.)... my mom even had to help me out with some of them and I can't remember the last time I asked her for money. I was also going on a trip to Oslo with some of my friends, but had to cancel because... well it's expensive. But now I finally have some money on my hands and with my birthday just around the corner I'm expecting a little extra as well :P So I've been thinking a lot about what I'm going to spend my money on... any suggestions? No, saving them is not an option.

Getting my eyebrows done.
I can't remember the last time I went to a saloon and got my eyebrows done. At the moment they are pale, shapeless and in great need of some waxing. I want them to be really dark and thick. I looked trough a magazine the other day and found a picture of a model with really nice eyebrows that I'm bringing with me to the saloon. I hope they can get mine to look somewhat like in the picture.

Finally doing something about my dark roots.
I can't remember the last time I bleached my hair and now the dark roots are getting out of hand. It's gone from 'will do something about it soon' to pure neglect. It looks horrible, just horrible! And I know darker roots are supposed to be trendy right now, but they are showing just a little too much on me. I'm still debating whether I should let my hairdresser do it, or just buy a pack of bleach at the store myself. We'll see...

Going for something more sporty.
I signed up for a membership at the best health center in town and I've started working out regularly. But the thing is I've never really worked out before so my "fitness wardrobe" is in desperate need of some updating. Right now I only have some large cotton tees, tights, old ugly sweatpants... I didn't even have a sports bra until recently! You get the picture, right? I also need a toiletry bag (that's what it's called?) to carry my make-up and things like that in. I work out from 6am-7am in the morning three times a week, so I really need to remember things like shower gel, deodorant and make-up... if not I'm in trouble :P

Find some new shoes to trot around in.
I've been thinking about buying new shoes for a while now. At the moment I just have some pairs of old old converse shoes and flats not suitable for the cold weather. It's impossible to make an outfit look good unless you have the right shoes. I think buying a few pairs will be a good investment ;)

Scarves, scarves, scarves.
I never leave the house without wearing a scarf. The clothing store I work at has the best selection of scarves and shawls in town, so I appreciate the employee discount we get. One of the women I work with once said "you buy scarves more often than other people buy socks, Camilla." Well, it's time to get some new ones!

A new jacket, perhaps?
That would be nice. I have a green jacket i bought in the men's department at H&M... that's about it. I would love a light gray or camel coloured jacket this winter.

This is only the beginning of my list, actually. There are so many things I want to spend money on... so what are you guys buying to update your fall/winter wardrobe?


The Clothes Horse said...

My problem is I don't spend enough thinking about what I want, I impulse buy. I do not recommend it. I'm flattered you liked my blog. Yours is great. Very glam.

Camilla said...

Oh my mum's like that too :P She comes home with impulse buys all the time. I'm very picky about what buy and prefer doing a little bit of planning before I go shopping ;)

Trendini said...

ok...those tan buckle boots are so hot...get them!!!

Heather said...

I know how you feel about money, especially the need for a salon! I hope when I go home next, I can wrangle some generous family member into some money for a haircut and dye job.

ambika said...

How wise to have a list. I tend to think of my closet as very full so try not to buy anything unless I'm absolutely smitten with it.

Currently craving cardigans and sweaters, nonetheless.

Camilla said...

trendini: I know, they are fabulous! I actually bought a purple pair of shoes that look slightly like them yesterday. I'll put up some pictures soon.

Heather: You live away from home? You have no idea how many times I've worried about what I'm going to do when I move to another city to study. I'm quite sure I won't have money to dye my hair or buy any new clothes for that matter... how will I survive? :P ...wrangle some generous family members lol good luck ;)

ambika: Yeah I try to look at it that way too.... but it's not working very well for me ;) Just a few weeks ago I gave a mountain of plastic bags with clothes to goodwill. I just had to get rid of something... I'm with you on craving cardigans/sweaters. A white mohair sweater would be fabulous right now *sigh*

WendyB said...

Can't you do everything? :-)
If you had to pick, I'd do eyebrows and hair! Love the tan buckle boots...a lot!

Camilla said...

Wendyb: yes, I'm going to do everything on the list :) I'm buying shoes first, then doing something about my hair and eyebrows... and I have the renew my membership at the guy which is going to cost me quite a lot :P

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