Sunday, November 25, 2007

A hairy post.

Sometimes it's just ridiculously amusing to look trough the keyword analysis and read what sort of keywords people have used to find my website. The other day I laughed so hard at some of the keywords and had a 'wtf?!' moment. For some strange reason I get a lot of hair-related hits on my blog...

Okay, fair enough. I've searched hair a couple of times myself. If you're looking for hairstyle inspiration the internet is a great source. I find it really inspiring to look trough the backstage photos at Here are some of the pictures I have in my lookbook. The first picture of Claudia Merikula from the Tuleh f/w 06 has to be my favourite. The colour of her hair looks fantastic and the make-up is just perfect. Very glam ;) I'm a big fan of long hair and I cry every time I have to cut mine. But short hair works very well for some people. What do you guys prefer, short or long?

"gok wan's hair"
Ooooh! I love Gok! His show is fantastic! I'm not a big fan of his hair though, to be honest...

"how should i style my very short boyish haircut for a formal dance?"
Hmmm, well I'm probably not the best person to ask because I've never had much luck with short hair. Once I cut my hair short in Paris and cried for a week, then I cut my hair short again two years later and wanted to die. But if short boyish hair works for you, great! For a formal dance I guess you would want your hair to look a little more feminine than usual thinking you're probably going to wear a really pretty dress and killer heels. Well, I would go for something like the "hair brooch" from Christian Lacroix's f/w 07 show, or maybe some "feather hair" Nina Ricci style.

Then it started to get a little weird...

"pictures of asian hair to become chocolate brown"

"i'm asian but i have some red hair"

"hairy strawberry girl"

"thoughts about hairy girl"



Cool Urbanite. said...

Haha funny! Fashion Orgasm did that too. How can you do that? Because now I'm very curious what girls typed in to search for my blog!

And I love the C. Lacroix hair pins! So femme and so glam. Not only nice to wear to a glamorous party but also nice to wear on a normal day! For example to hold your ponytail together!

Camilla said... ;) Keeps track of things like keywords, countries (which gave me a laugh as well. I have some visitors from Uzbekistan! How cool is that? lol), visit length etc. you add the code in your sidebar and voila, hehe.

*sigh* I totally agree with you on the hair pins. One of my myspace friends from Japan made one for herself, I might have to attempt something like that myself. I desperately want one!

Chelsea Rae said...

My hair isn't super long, but it isn't really short either, sometimes I wish I could just cut it shorter, like in a chin length a-symmetrical bob (I've thought about this), but I never do.

Also, the feathers in the hair reminds me of the pictures that were taken on the Sex and the City set of Carrie's wedding. Its out there, but really cool!

Elaine said...

Lol! Aww I love Gok too, I like his hair except when he dyes the bit at front.

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

i love your blog! and hair is such a great topic, because everyone has it haha. great pictures too.

Eli said...

oh my gosh, that hair brooch is the best thing ever (right now)!!!

WendyB said...

LOL. I like the question about the formal dance.

Anonymous said...

i need a hair pin like those!!
ps: love the blog :)

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