Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Must have mustard.

Look at my pretty new dress from H&M! :)


Cool Urbanite. said...

Like it! :D

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

love it. all of it.

ida,din russebil-medeier said...

syykt fint antrekk camilla :O.!
blei heilt målløs,sukk.!

discothequechic said...

ha, yes, I was going to say, the look is very H&M.

great blog by the way, your style is very british, I was surprised to see you're from Norway.

..and funny story about the teacher giving you his ex girlfriend's nickname! how unfortunate..

Camilla said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone :)

Ida: du er søt vennen! haha, lo godt nå, russebil-medeier! Så du at jeg hadde noen bilder i bloggen for en stund tilbake? Skikkelig fa-shi-on :P
vi blir nødt til å treffes snart!

discothequechic: Oooh British, really? I'll take that as a compliment ;) ...yes, very unfortunate! Luckily he's not my teacher this year, but it's still sort of awkward to see him around school... lol thanks for commenting, love your blog as well!

roxanne said...

oh my, what a lovely blog! i've been furiously searching for fashion blogs that resonate with me, and the pickings have been slim until now. this site is so getting added to my daily visit list.. love it!

Miss Woo said...

Oh I swear the scandinavian H&M has so much better stuff than Britain. Love the dress and the mustard tights!

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm in love with that gold sparkly dress.

fashion evolution said...

The color palette you're wearing is so sophisiticated. I love the dress and your look is fierce!

Caro said...

Love your golden dress! It is so pretty ! :)

M said...

very cute! and great posting as of late! love the new look!

a. said...

oooh! gold tights! <3

wherever did you find a pair?

ive been looking for ages.

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