Sunday, November 11, 2007

To be honest, I really like stylemob. It's much better than stylediary and the people there are more fashionable. I'm not as active there as I would like to be because I never remember to take pictures of what I'm wearing... and lately I haven't done much shopping so my wardrobe is rather uninteresting :P Anyway, the website is great if you're looking for inspiration! Here are a few of my favourites at the moment...

I love elocin's grey outfit. The minidress is really cute, don't you think? I'm also a big fan of scarves and knit hats. Personally, I've never really solved the mystery on how to look good with hats, but this girl obviously has. The boots are cute too :)

Lindsay at stylemob has some great pictures of her outfits. I especially love this one of her wearing purple tights. They look awesome with the simple white dress and golden necklace. I've been looking for some purple tights for a while now. When I buy and wear them with something I'll post pictures, for sure ;)

Jen at stylemob. I love the skirt she's wearing! And the cute shoes! And the fun posing! :D I really want a high waist miniskirt, but it's so hard to find a nice simple one.

risse and another one of jen. I really love the black skirt risse is wearing. I found one at oasis a while back, but didn't have enough money to buy it :'( oh well, maybe I'll find something like it in the future... The brown belt and boots work really well with the cute dress.

I love this dress. the girl calls herself peoplehavegerms :P

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