Saturday, August 11, 2007

The tale of the ugly duckling...

Feathers, it has been one of the big surprises on the fall runway this year. Dresses with feather trims, feather coats, chic white feather evening dresses and strange headpieces made from feathers. Of course feathers look amazing on the runway (like everything else)... but how can you add some feathers to your own wardrobe and look like an elegant swan instead off a ugly duckling?

From the top left: Michael Kors, Ralph Rucci, Rock & Republic, Catherine Malandrino.


I'm sure most of you agree with me when I say the peacock's tail feather has to be the most wonderful feather in the world. People have used them to decorate their homes, flower bouquets and gifts forever. Now there's no reason why you shouldn't wear it as a fashion accessory. In this set I went for a chic peacock necklace and printed scarf. The colours of the peacock feather goes well with leather and silky fabrics. For product details click here.

If you're not into feathers -no one says you have to wear real ones. Go for something like a top with a simple print, or jewelry shaped as feathers. For product details click here.

Wearing something like a feather trim skirt, or jacket with discrete feather detailing is another way to look stylish and chic -without overdoing it. Going for a classic black and white look won't hurt you either. For product details click here.

Feathers can be very feminine. If you're a girly girl wearing something like this grey feather dress with a cute jacket in the same colour and pink details is a winner. Pearls and a silk scarf will complete your look. For product details click here.


WendyB said...

Wow, great items. Good job!

Camilla said...

Thanks wendy ;) <3

Samantha said...

I love the gold feather earrings in the second look!

Camilla said...

I love the Alex Monroe earrings too <3 I wish they didn't cost £180.00 though! I'm sure it's possible to find a cheaper pair that looks alike though ;)

WendyB said...

I especially love the grey dress.

Camilla said...

The grey dress is one of my favourite pieces in this post. I want to wear it with thick wool tights in the same grey colour <3 ...and the jacket!

gilda said...

oh yum!! the grey dress is just gorgeous!! i love it!! i'm on the hunt for the most gorgeous black feather, long and shiny, or at least something i can dye black myself. i've got an almost-perfect fedora, and all it needs is a sleek black feather to make it perfect!

Camilla said...

fedora and a sleek black feather sounds AWESOME. I bet you'll look so glamorous wearing it ;) Hm, maybe I should try something like that out someday? For a special even though... I'm quite tall so adding more to my height isn't really what I want to do :P

Take care, Gilda <3

Chelsea Rae said...

I love the gray Burberry dress, whether I have enoough courage to wear a dress with a feather skirt is completely different.

As always, your outfits are so cute!

Camilla said...

Thank you, Chelsea <3

Kimberly said...

loverly and well put together!
you are adorable and lovely.
this section makes me smile.


Camilla said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, it made me smile ;) <3

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