Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hello, Miss Leopard...

A bit more personal blog post, I guess! I took some pictures today and wanted to show you guys the dress I bought. It was 50% off from the store I've been working at this summer. I like it a lot, but I'm not sure when to wear it -any suggestions?


gilda said...

i love leopard prints. i think you look great in it, even though that photo only shows your upper body!! i love how it looks with your hair. wow!! go ANYWHERE with it!! ;)

Noel said...

You look great in this dress; I think you can pull anything off.
I really like your bangs...I'm thinking about getting bangs myself. How are they cut?

Camilla said...

Thanks, you're sweet <3
I know -I think it's terribly hard to take full body photos! I guess I could take a picture of my own reflection in the mirror and hide my face behind the camera like a dork... but I just hate pictures like that xD

And I'm not really that happy with my new hair cut -I wish it was a little longer. I'm getting used to the fringe though. It looks better now than it did a week ago :P

Go anywhere with it? I still have to think about that ;) hehe
Thanks for the comment, Gilda!


Camilla said...

Awww, thanks for the compliment! *blush*

Let me just first say I love your blog :) Keep up the good work <3

I wasn't to happy with my fringe at first, to be honest. But I'm getting used to it now. My advice if you've decided to get a fringe for yourself:
1) make up your mind about what you want it to look like. You know.. long, short, on the side... bring pictures!!! I wasn't sure what I wanted and ended up getting something I didn't really want.
2) Tell the hair dresser she shouldn't cut it too short. Mine was a little too short at first and it looked HORRIBLE. Now it's a little longer so it's _okay_.
3) I have no idea how my fringe was cut. But I told her "I want a big thick fringe that won't part in the middle etc."

lol, hope that was any help... I'm tired after work and my English is pretty shitty right now haha

Noel said...

Excellent, thank you so much :]! I must keep this in mind when I go to my hairstylist next weeks...yikes I hope she doesn't cut them too short!!

And I think your English is fabulous haha; it's almost perfect.

Camilla said...

Noel: haha, thanks... I wouldn't call it perfect... or almost perfect... but I guess it's okay? :P

I hope you'll be happy with the result <3

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