Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oslo Fashion Week!

I was invited to Oslo Fashion Week by Vips and Undorn, so last weekend me and two of my best friends decided to go to Oslo. The trip went really well and we had so much fun. After driving (well, my friends did. I don't have my license :P) all the way to Oslo we arrived late on Friday. After parking the car we decided to stay in the apartment and order some pizza.

On Saturday we got up early to get some shopping done before going to see the shows. It's impossible to drive around Oslo so we went to catch a bus... but the bus never came. We didn't have any time to loose and called a taxi instead. When we finally got down town we went to eat breakfast at 'Godt Brød' (translated: good bread) - a really nice place where you can get delicious sandwiches. It felt so good to eat a healthy meal after all the pizza, chips and candy from yesterday.

After finishing our sandwiches and herb tea we went to Zara. I love Zara and it's so sad they don't have a store in Kristiansand. They have so many nice clothes and purses, don't you agree?
Anyway, I bought a gorgeous silk top. Afterwards we went to some other stores and Gina Tricot, where I spent about $100 on tops, bracelets etc. I'll post some pictures of the stuff I bought when I get a new camera.

Time went by and we headed back to the apartment to get ready. I straightened my hair (no not really. My friend had to do it for me...) for the occasion. The Undorn show started at six and then later we went to see the Vips show. I'll write more about the shows later! Unfortunately you had to be over 20 to attend the official OFW party at Grand Hotel later that night, so we went to eat at t.g.i friday's instead. The food was greeeeaaaat!


Fleurette said...

oh, hvorfor så jeg deg ikke på ofw? var på undorn og. hihi. og du ligner veldig på hun modellen erin curtin elns! :-D

Camilla said...

Nei, si det! Er ikke alltid like lett å legge merke til folk man egentlig ikke kjenner. Er feks en fyr jeg har gått på skole med i snart tre år. Før så jeg han aldri, men etter jeg ble kjent med han ser jeg han plutselig over alt... merkelig det der :P Synd vi ikke traff hverandre da, hadde vært gøy å få snakket litt med en annen blogger ;) Likte du showene da?
Erin Curtin? Seriøst? Wow, får ta det som et kompliment! Hehe.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

link me and I'll link you back!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

wow, you're really tall! lucky you

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