Monday, February 04, 2008

Karina Kjenner Titze, spring/summer 2008

THE DESIGNER: The Norwegian designer Karina Kjenner Titze (27) graduated from Esmond -Ecole Supérleure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode. At the Esmond diploma show Titze managed to get noticed as a student when she impressed everyone with eleven gorgeous outfits instead of the required three. She received "Gullnålen" (the gold needle) for all the effort she put in her work as a student. As soon as three days later she arranged her first fashion show outside the school. Today Titze owns her own showroom in Oslo, Norway where you are welcome to buy Undorn designs. It is also possible to create your own design, made by measurements and in fabrics of your personal choice.

In an interview with her in an issue of tekstilforum (nr.8, 2005) she said this about her first year in the Norwegian fashion industry: "the last year has been hard work 24/7. In addition to design projects I've had to take other jobs to make ends meet. I sell lottery tickets over the phone two nights a week while I sew. Work is everything to me. No matter where I go or who I meet, I'm a designer." Fortunately things have changed for Titze and she now has about five good coworkers who help her make things work.

STYLE: "Undorn is the thought behind all the clothes I design. It can be interpreted in many different ways, but as development, change and that one has different needs at different times." says Titze about her designs. All her designs are fantasticly glamorous and are made from soft, clear silk fabrics.

SPRING COLLECTION: Her latest collection was all about beautiful gowns, refined surroundings and glamor. The dresses looked romantic and seductive and one of the models was wearing a ridiculously expensive diamond necklace and earrings from Mont Blanc. Gorgeous pieces for formal events and more relaxed occasions.

Pictures: tekstilforum,, Det Nye Magazine
Sources:, tekstilforum, Henne Magazine, Inside Magazine, Fedrelandsvennen


Anonymous said...

when i get married i want to wear that last one on the left. the dresses are so gorgeous!

Alexa said...

those gowns are so gorgeous!

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

oh wow those dresses are fabulous

Suzanna Mars said...

Thanks for showing these! They are just the colors I like, and it's lovely to see some ladylike designs when gender lines are being smudged many other places!

Secret Agent said...

Wow.. those are some pretty skilled and nice gowns. She had to sell lottery tickets, while she sewed. Determination.

Bojana said...

OOh, some of those are GORGEOUS

Chaolita said...

wow, wonderfull!

Anonymous said...

you've got to check out Raplh Laurens new line for fall 08.... If you like this, the I know you'll love it,

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