Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oslo Fashion Week: Undorn

It's impossible to get anywhere on time in Olso if you don't know your way around so we decided to take a cab to Posthallen. When we arrived there were already some people lined up and we had to wait outside for a while. Then they checked out names on the guest list before we were allowed inside. I can see why they chose Posthallen for Oslo Fashion Week -it's a really nice place. The only seats left where in the back but the view was great. While we waited for the show to start we saw a couple of people who stole giftbags from the reserved seats. Can you believe it?! hilarious. At the row in front of us two guys actually sat down, took the gift bags and then left before the show started... wtf?! How rude. Naturally this became the main topic of conversation while we waited. The show was a little delayed so we had time to snap a couple of pictures too.

Finally everyone settled down, the music started playing and gorgeous models appeared on the catwalk. The hairstyles and make-up looked really cool and the clothes were fantastic. The short dresses with cropped jackets were my personal favorites. I doubt I could ever afford anything from Undorn but I'll definitely try wearing something like it this fall. I also loved the little black dress worn with a thin dark green leather belt and purse. I never imagined black and dark green could look so great together. The gowns looked great as well with bare backs and tied behind the neck. It was hard not to notice the bright red satin shoes -they looked great! I'm quite disappointed I couldn't find a decent picture of them online... why didn't the photographers from Henne Magazine take close-up pictures? Argh, annoying.

pictures: GLAM & TONIC, Det Tredje Øyet


Hanna said...

I love the short black coat - it has a 60's vibe to it. The deep green satin dress looks amazing, too.

Anonymous said...

Those clothes are divine

Fashionista said...

wow looks amazing

Anonymous said...

if you'd just contacted us and asked you would've gotten a close up of the shoes :)

/Det Tredje Øyet.

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