Monday, February 18, 2008

Stupid cold! :(

I'm back from Oslo!

Even though I have a cold this weekend was so much fun and Oslo Fashion Week was really exciting. I'll write about it and post pictures soon.

Today I'm staying home from work and hopefully I'll get well soon.

By the way, I coloured and waxed my eyebrows before I went to Oslo -don't they look great? ;) The girl who did it was new so I got 50% off, yay! And I'm going to high-light my hair tonight.
"Fake your beauty."


Jillian said...

UGH I LOVE dark brows! i like mine super thick though but yours compliment your face beautifully!

i can't wait to hear about oslo <3

Anonymous said...

I want some of those magazines.I like how the lighting is in that picture,very chic.

I'm brad by the way ,I like your blog.

Molly ;) said...

I must admit i love dying my hair new shades. Even if just for a couple of days it completely changes the way i feel :)

Miss Woo said...

Get well soon! Magazine is always best when I have a cold (the reading cure?)

Anticipating post about Oslo Fashion week :D

Bianca said...

hey check my blog for your nomination

Anonymous said...

Oh my så hot... det er så kult med blondt hår og mørkere øyenbryn!

Hanna said...

Hey, Camilla! I've nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award, so check out my blog for details. Hope you are well by now ;)

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