Monday, September 10, 2007

Hairy thoughts

So lately the only thing that's been on my mind is hair. I think the reason why I've become so obsessed is because I was so unhappy when I got my new haircut recently. I hate the fringe, it's too short and now I'm unhappy with the colour too. It's just too blonde. I used to bleach it at home so the highlights look fat and uneven. Then I just gave up on it and now I have really dark roots. I'm saving my hair for a while now, but in November I'm getting a new colour. For a while I considered colouring my hair in a really dark chocolate brown colour like I used to have it a few years ago... but then I have to colour it all the time to keep it looking shiny and fresh... not into that. I want a slightly darker colour -something between blonde and brunette. A warm colour. So I browsed trough some MK photos and I just love the colour she used to have a while back. If I can get something that looks a little similar to this that would be great <3


Anonymous said...

If you want your hair to look shiny and healthy and stay brunette longer, use John Freida ColorGlaze- it's amazing stuff, I swear by it. It makes your hair super-soft and shiny, and it gives the color a little kick. I have naturally strawberry blonde hair, so I use the red one to kick it up a notch, and it's fantastic.

mandyjane said...

i know exactly how you feel..
but you're lucky you didnt have the hairdresser i had..

i wanted my hair colored deep red and it turned out bright orange. i had short hair at the time but i was growing it out and the hairdresser had wrecked the ends and my hair was falling out.. and she insisted that she shaved my head.

oh it was hell!

they have spray on dye kinda stuff now that you can spray on your roots and over a few times of using it your hair goes lighter, but im not sure if they are just an australian thing or not.. that might work just until you dye your hair


A said...

haha when I was young I used to be jealous of blonde girls. I'm asian so my hair is dark dark dark brown but now I've come to accept and love it. Although I'll always wish that I was born a redhead :)

Camilla said...

anonymous: Hm, colorglaze... never heard of it. I'll check it out and maybe try it out sometime :) Not exactly sure if they sell it in Norway, but I might be able to buy some online, or when I go to England? Thanks for the tip!

Mandy Jane: are you serious?! That's just sick, haha. I hope you didn't have to pay? Either way,I would be so depressed if I had to shave my head :\ And deep red hair is wonderful <3 I had bright red hair for about a year and loved it, but if I ever colour it red again I'm going for a deeper more brown red colour, I think.

Yeah, I have a spray like that, but I'm not a very big fan of it. I don't know... it just makes my hair look yellow :P lol

Thanks for commenting and sharing your story<3

A: I've always felt like that too, but the other way around! Girls who have dark brown hair look so sophisticated and pretty... I think blonde hair is sort of... I don't know. I guess I just feel this way because I've always been blonde, hehe ;) ...and here in Norway most people are blonde (even the guys) so it's sort of boring. Thanks for commenting :)

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