Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fashion Blog Bazaar

Fall in love with the whimsical fashion illustrations of Hiromi Sato at Fashionably Cute.

Diva In A Carry On has a product to recommend for the travel journalist that lies within all of us.

Pink Rock Candy has a BIG announcement to make. Don't miss it!

Discover the intriguing and modern interior lighting designs of Michelle Kaufmann via Designer Planet.

Señora Cartera extols the design virtues of the MARC by Marc Jacobs Softy Overnighter Bag.

Fashion Fling has all the details on the exciting launch of the My Space Fashion Channel.

View exquisite (and expensive) "starfish-themed" accessories at Elite Choice.

What do "Transformers" and Balenciaga have in common? Find out at Eye4style.

Style Talk has found a scent that will definitely turn you "on". Learn which designer is responsible for the sexy new fragrance.

It's all about "gray"! Sample this fall fashion trend at So Frugalicious.

Spork Fashion uncovers the new shape of footwear. Your stylish toes will thank you for it.

What do you do with too many shoes? Give them their own zip code, of course! Read up on this never-before seen event at Designer Tips.

View a sampling of the latest trends from coats to jewelry, shoes to dresses and everything in between at Lifestyle Buzz.

The Beauty Counter lets us in on the secret to clearing up pimples quickly. Find out which product really gets the job done.


Joo said...

Stumbled onto your page and didn't want to leave without saying you have a cute page :) when you get a chance come check mine out,


Camilla said...

Thanks for the comment!
I'll check out your blog for sure ;)

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