Sunday, December 09, 2007

New black dress

Celebrated my friend's birthday this Saturday and bought a new black dress (from b-young) for the special occasion. A few pictures :)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, what did you wear? ;)


Sarah said...

Cute. Hey, I love reading your blog, and just came across something you should write about if you do a Holiday Gifts posting. The new Diesel Fuel For Life fragrance is so cool - they did this limited edition packaging for Christmas. The bottle comes wrapped in chains, or on a chain belt! Keep up the good work.

Suzanna Mars said...

What a cute dress! The proportion is just right, not baggy.

Ha..what I wore this weekend. Ugh, Uggs. And leggings! Kill me now!

ThriftyFashionista said...

I wore this red corset and black Jeans!

Love the dress!

The Frocker said...

Nice dress! I love your friend's outfit as well. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I wanted to say that I really enjoy your fashion sense; you certainly aren't afraid to stand out, but you do it while still looking stylish instead of like a clown or fashion victim. Keep up the creativity! You've certainly inspired me :)

Camilla said...

Suzanna Mars: uggs and leggings is like a sin! lol though I commit it myself sometimes D':

The Frocker: what a lovely comment! Thank you, sweetie :) Nice blog you've got, linking you.

Heather said...

you are too cute!

Leeann said...

Great blog, I just discovered it and I love it! Keep up the good work!!! Your dress is absolutely cute and can be worn for various occassions.

I am lucky I guess, I got to wear a bikini last weekend (and week). Thank goodness for vactions in Cancun! It's actually pretty cold in So. Calif. right now...well at least to us (mid 60s).


WendyB said...

Aw! You were having so much fun!

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